FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Customers,
we would like to offer you some answers to the most frequntliy asked questiones:

1.Minimum Order Value

160€ is our Minimum Order Value.
This is valid for our „Drugstore-List“, for other articles (for example: pharmacy-only articles from our partners) it has to be requested.

2. Shipping Costs

 Shipping of articles included in our „Drogerie-Sortimentsliste“ is free within Germany (minimum purchase Value 160,00 €).

3. Do you sign Delivery-Contracts?

The answer is no. In our opinion ounly the manufacturer should sign delivery contracts with customers, everything else we percive as unserious.

4. Do you have this or that?

Requests like this reach us every day in form of Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, WeChats, SMSs, WhatsApps. In most cases essential details are missing. Articles, that we, our our partner companies have in stock, can be viewed here.

For a request we require (best as an Excel spreadsheet),

Product data:

Article name
EAN code or PZN number
Colour (if needed)
Last possible delivery date
Your contact details
Your contact partner
Telefone number
Billing address
Delivery address
Trade ID

We do not work with pictures, these are often inaccurate and lead to trouble, due to facelifts or content changes. EAN or PZN numbers are allways the way to go.

5. How Are your prices? Are they up for negotiation? We want to buy in sizeably amounts.

Our prices can be seen on our homepage. For the last two years the demand has been exceeding the quantity of available products. The majority of customers buy large quantities and our prices are good. Because of this only with really big purchasse quantities ,like single-variety pallets (exept topsellers) or truck-/container-loads, small deductibles are possible.

6. Discounters sell these products cheaper..

Yes, with some articles discounters can be cheaper. This is possible be due to reinbursements, promotional cost agreements, competitive strategies and many other factors. We suggest you try to buy a pallet there.

7. How is payment handled?

Business is handled on advance payment.

8. Can i hace a look at the goods before paying?

Yes, if the articles are in stock, this is the case most of the time. Articles that have to be ordered for you, can only be looked at after payment, with some articles a deposit of 50% is enouh depending on product and quantity.

9. Where are the goods and how long does the shipping takes?

We work with many partner companies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and manufactures, these are spread out all over Germany. Some articles are offered as drop-shipppings, wich means that the products are shipped directly by the manufacurer, wholesaler or warehouse or can be picked up there. Delivery time allways depends on the amount and product.

10. Datasheets, EUR1 documentation?

As you might have noticed, manufacturers are not ambitioned to sell theire products to Asia, or have theire owen distributors there. Because of this in most cases wholesalers do not recive paperwork. The answer to this question is no.

11.Do you ship to asia?

As a general rule of thumb -  we offer shipping deals for single-variety container orders. Ordinarily customers pick up the goods or we ship to adresses in Germany or the EU.